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Bible Fact-Pak

Excerpts from Bible Fact-Pak Games and Activities Book

Batter Up!
You Will Need: Selected Bible Fact-Pak cards; a large bowl

Divide the group into two teams. Put the selected Bible Fact-Pak cards in the bowl and mix them up. Team members take turns answering questions pulled from the bowl. When the team member correctly answers the question, the team receives two points. If he answers incorrectly, the team receives a strike, and a member from the other team has a chance to answer the question. Ask questions to each team alternately. When a team receives three strikes, they have one out. Play until you've gone through all the questions or until a team has three outs.

Use these ideas to create meaningful, fun games and activities for memorizing the Quotation Questions in the Bible Fact-Pak.

Hot Potato
You Will Need: A Quotation Question card; potato, rubber ball, or small bean bag; music;

Have the children stand in a circle. While the music plays, they pass the potato. Stop the music and ask the person with the potato a Bible Fact-Pak question. If the child answers correctly, he stays in the game. If he can't, he sits down. The last one standing is the champion.

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